Multilevel Models to Explore the Impact of the Affordable Care Act’s Shared Savings Program, Part I

The Affordable Care Act encompasses a host of programs and provisions, which are the subject of much discussion and debate right now. This post offers a nonpartisan, genuinely curious exploration of one of the Affordable Care Act’s less frequently debated programs, the Shared Savings Program (SSP). The program’s objective is to reduce Medicare costs and increase the quality of care provided to Medicare patients. In this short sequence of posts, I explore whether the program looks to be meeting these objectives. Given that this topic may appeal to both non-technical and technical audiences, I’ve split the posts into a higher-level description of the findings (part I) and a more technical post with code (part II).

Data on ACOs and the Shared Savings Program is publicly available from My last post includes detailed code to download and prepare the data for analysis.

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