This blog

This blog is a place to share some of my approaches to programming and modeling challenges, and a place to illustrate how various analytic techniques can be helpful. It's also a forum for participating in and contributing to the R programming community. I'm grateful for the wealth of knowledge that others have freely shared online via their questions, answers, and code samples. I hope my contributions to this distributed, online repository will be as helpful to others as their contributions have been to me.

If you're interested in viewing the code for my posts without the interspersed descriptions of what I'm doing and why (in other words, if you just want the R code), please visit my GitHub repository at

The author

Iā€™m a former academic with a pragmatic bent that inclines me toward real-world application. I find cracking coding challenges tremendously satisfying. Detecting patterns in data makes me feel a little closer to a God's eye view, and therefore just a little divine. I enjoy helping people and businesses, and being able to measure resulting change. In short, I genuinely love data science.

My doctorate is in Clinical Psychology, with a formal concentration in the branch of statistics dedicated to understanding human behavior, Quantitative Psychology.